P.F. and the Molten Mystery DEMO

P.F. and the Molten Mystery DEMO 1.0

Help Professor Fizzwizzle to find his way back to Mount Mystery
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Professor Fizzwizzle and The Molten Mystery is another adventure of this crazy, Einstein-like scientist and inventor. When Professor Fizzwizzle found his former student, Penny Pyroclast, up to no good on Mount Mystery, Penny ordered her Bat Bot henchmen (a robot type) to carry him all the way back to the beach. The game goal is to help the professor to solve many puzzles recreated on the background story. These puzzles will create a kind of labyrinth in which the professor needs to find the way back to Mount Mystery, where he will stop Penny before she embarrasses the entire Fizzwizzle Academy.
The game is organized into levels, each one presents an entrance tube and an exit tube which is the one the professor needs to find. You have to move around, run and climb in order to get the exit. If you get stuck or captured by a robot you can restart the level. You will have unlimited restarts available. As you progress in a level your steps will be counted being the idea to take the fewest steps possible to solve each puzzle. You can upload your score to the online “Hall of Fame”.
There are several types of terrain with different characteristics each. The professor can be on grass, where crates and magnets can be pushed but only one at a time. He can be on sand, where crates and magnets will become stuck; or he can be on ice, where any object will slide until stopped by a collision. One main feature of the game is that it includes a level editor with which you can create the level you want, as complicated as you wish. This, with the primary intention of sharing it with friends and challenge them to solve it.

Lionel Mira
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  • It includes a level editor and a level manager
  • The demo is available free of advertisement
  • It allows unlimited retrials if you get stuck while playing.


  • It offers poor graphics
  • The music can be too boring
  • The game goal is pretty flat
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